Amigthalota-Greek Almond Biscuits

Almond Biscuits
A very easy dessert with minimal fats, without butter & with minimal ingredients. Almonds ground as the main ingredient and egg whites, beaten in a meringue. Flavored with mastic of Chios Island and cherry liqueur. Their top is decorated with almond flakes and a candied cherry to give them their color, to make them more attractive.
One of the best, traditional delicacies is the almond cookies. The shape, as well as their aromas, vary from place to place. Almonds biscuits are generally made from whitened ground almonds or marzipan, egg whites meringue, and sometimes even semolina. They have pear, rosette, small hill, ball, crescent, etc. shapes. Sometimes they are sprinkled with powdered sugar and become whitish and at other times stand out with the roasted almond crumb.
The best known are probably Andros, where there is a traditional local industry. The almonds of Andros are flavored with rose water.
In all of the Dodecanese, the Cyclades & the islands of the Northeast Aegean, almonds biscuits are a classic delicacy offered at weddings and engagements…

work: 20′ time: 1h:00′ easy:

Greek Pastitsio-Baked Greek Bucatini with Meat

Greek Pastitsio-Baked Greek Bucatini with Meat
When I started preparing it today, I remembered why I hadn't written this recipe before - though I had in the past posted a pastiche down like this made in individual portions - it's because everyone is making this dish, maybe slightly different, but it's a classic dish that everyone thinks is theirs the best way so it wouldn't be of much interest.
My own methodology will have some controversial moments, but I know my dish is particularly tasty to me at least and so I recommend it! Make this recipe if you want to see what it looks like and compare it with your own cooking method. It is also a suggestion for those who have never tried it, and although they have always wanted to know how this dish is made, now could be the perfect start to your test with so much step-by-step process!
The recipe is the inspiration of N. Tselemendes almost a century ago. It was and remains one of the most beloved recipes of Greek households. Made with layers of thick pasta, minced meat and Béchamel cream as a final layer.
It is not difficult but it is jagged and with the sink full of pots at the end…

work: 2h:15′ time: 3h:00′ medium: