Feta Cheese Soufflé Pie in Rolls

Feta Cheese Soufflé Pie in Rolls
Delicious & very special Cheese pie. Suitable for every hour of the day, as a main course, appetizer, snack or lunch!
The main ingredient that we will need to make this cheese pie, is of course the Greek feta, which is the favorite ingredient in all types of Greek pie recipes.
To prepare this cheese pie/ soufflé recipe, the feta is crumbled and rolled into rolls with many pastry sheets and all together sprinkled with a mixture of milk, egg, cream and soft drink soda, which will give this pie volume, fluffy texture and more. Taste.
Bake until puffed and golden.
The Pie is absolutely delicious!
work: 45′ time: 1h:30′ medium:

Greek Brioche-Easter 2020

Greek Brioche-Easter 2020
Our Easter Tsourekia of 2020 was a beautiful experience, although their process was time consuming. We kept great waiting times for a total of 5 inflatables and which time (and inflatables) worked positively and substantially to make them fluffy, with strings and delicious buns.
Their ingredients are the classic for Tsourekia of our Greek Easter Brioche in a more enhanced dose, since 1 kg of flour was required.
Despite the long process, the hand work was very little. The dough, a perfect dough in texture and aroma also gave a perfect final result, which justified the effort and noise of the thing… But it is these family Easter traditions that create inextricable links and tasteful memories that connect us as a family, as a Nation.

We wish you a Happy Easter, with a lot of strength, so that we can face an invisible enemy who changed our lives!

work: 1h:30′ time: 6h:00′ medium:

Greek Halva

Greek Halva
This here, Semolina Halva is young, handsome and scandalous, without question or hesitation, he also has a caramelized taste like an extra bonus in the suitcase with his dowry. There is a little secret about him and it is about the technique of his preparation. It will be revealed to you later, reading the article or enjoying it, if you make it!
Forget the well-known 1 2 3 4 etc. of the ingredients here arithmetic changes, it's not like when we were kids and they taught us our first sweets… Confectionery is an evolving art, it's very special and strict, I would say, even if it concerns the simplest of sweets. Sometimes the simple does not mean simplistic, the depthless approach to the real.
Its ingredients, thanks to which it becomes very light and aromatic, apart from the well-known semolina, are nuts, cinnamon, juice and orange zest as well as orange spoon sweet chopped!
work: 45′ time: 2h:45′ easy: