Apple Cake with Cranberries

The fragrant apples with their many varieties, and the dried cranberries, married once again here and gave us a fluffy, delicious cake that is eaten pleasantly. Enjoy a dessert made with ease and relatively quickly!
Most cranberries grown in North America and Canada are processed in products such as juice, sauce and sweetened dried cranberries, and only the remaining are sold fresh to consumers. Cranberry sauce is an integral part of the menu of traditional American and Canadian Thanksgiving Feast.
work: 0:30'time:1h:00'easy:2÷10

Roast Chicken with Cinnamon

A simple dish of chicken and potatoes in the oven. The difference is that we used tomato and cinnamon instead of the classic lemon juice. A different taste of the chicken, with the wonderful flavor and characteristic aroma of cinnamon!

This is the way that my mother used to cook the chicken. She cooked easter lamb with that same way. With this simple and delicious way she filled a huge tray / plate with the easter lamb and sent it for roasting to the bakery of the neighborhood. Kids (it was us) loved it, the larges pieces of potatoes, crispy with a brown color, but juicy and fluffy inside.

Do not be surprised by the use of cinnamon, just try it!
work: 0h:15'time: 1h:30'easy: 4/10

Greek Giant Baked Beans

Baked Beans. Considered one of the tastiest dishes of Traditional Greek Cuisine. Simple yet so delicious and useful to our diet. It is lacking sodium but is a source of vegetable protein and soluble fiber, which help control cholesterol levels in the body. It also contains B vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. All this makes them one of the most important foods in our diet.

work: 0:30'+1h:30'time: 1d:2h:00'easy: 4/10


Today's dessert is a Charlotte of ladyfingers into a spring pan, filled with a mixture of milk -thickened with gelatin- and whipped cream.
Charlotte is a dessert that can be served hot or cold. It is also known as ice box cake (for the cold version obviously), and we can use fresh fruit for filling.
work: 0:45'time: 3h:00'medium: 5/10

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup
Lentils! Enjoy a traditional Greek dish for the cold days of the winter.
Lentils are among the first plants that the man (and woman:) began to systematically cultivate and one of the more important legumes in our diet.
There are several varieties with different size and color of seeds, such as blonde, green and brown.
The lentils are cultivated since ancient times (circa 2,000 BC) and were known in ancient Egypt. Jews, Greeks and Romans cultivated and consumed them.
It is a legume with great nutritional value, rich in iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins.
work: 0:20'time: 1h:30'easy: 4/10


This proposal here is the classic version of uncooked Cheese Cake. There are other versions, where we put the cake base in the oven to bake. We'll see it at a later time.
The process is a bit complicated but if you like this dessert, arm yourself with a little perseverance and you will be rewarded in the end!
If something is not clear, please feel free to ask me.
work: 1h:30'time: 1h:30'average: 7÷10

Leeks with Créme Fraîche

Once again we will enjoy together a very tasty dish with leeks, bacon and cream! It is a proposal for lovers of leek and for those who until now had some objections to them. Try and let me assure you that you will love them!
For those who don't remember our earliest proposal with Leeks au Gratin this is your chance for a reminder.
Both recipes look pretty close but we prefer this one. Maybe cooking the leeks in milk made the difference.
work: 30'time: 1h:00'average: 4÷10

Apple Raisin Cake

A fragnant cake with the velvety softness of baked apples and sweet raisin! Delicious, fluffy for all ages, especially the young!
I'm sure it will delight the children, I suggest for all those that have kids of school and preschool age.
You can use Granny Smith apples. Τhey are better for this recipe, are less sweet and the cake stays very moist!

work: 30'time: 1h:30'average: 4÷10

The recipe

Apple Raisin Cake

can be found in the book «Γλυκά».

Linguine with Shrimp & Ouzo

Linguine with Shrimp and Ouzo
The combination of pasta and seafood, especially shrimp, makes a delicious result that very few would have objected to taste!
This proposal is simple yet offers a complex taste! If you have never enjoyed it from your hands this is an opportunity to try it.
The key parameter for its taste is the freshness of the shrimp. You can use frozen, but the flavor of sea will be less pronounced.
The process, especially the preparation and cleaning of the shrimp is a bit lengthy, so ask the sous chef to assist you, or arm yourself with some good mood and time, and start. The final result will reward you.
work: 1h:30' time: 1h:30' medium:

White Chocolate Torte

A delicious white chocolate torte, with simple ingredients such as biscuits, cream and of course white chocolate!
Quick and easy to prepare, shouldn't pose any particular difficulty to those with little experience in the kitchen or those who prefer a quick and easy dessert!
Make and enjoy a dessert with the scent of the wonderful combination of orange and chocolate!
work: 30'time: 3h30'easy: 3÷10