Dough for Bread & Pizza

Dough for Bread & Pizza
If the homemade buns, flavored with roasted cumin and turmeric will turn into garlic-bread and will accompany aromatic roasted sweet potatoes tell you something, follow the steps in the recipe below.
Any dough left over from today's recipe, put it in polybag & freezer bags to make delicious, easy-to-make pizzas with delicate crust and simple ingredients, and especially homemade ones, at our fingertips!
The secret to this dough is its maturation time in the refrigerator for many hours. Even when we take it out to room temperature after many hours to cook it continues to swell…

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Chicken Fillet with Mushrooms

Chicken Fillet with Mushrooms
Boneless chicken leg fillets without skin in red sauce. They are delicious, accompanied by mushrooms, carrots, green peppers and black or green olives. They are flavored with white wine and spices, such as Star Anise, cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns. Its final taste is reminiscent of a stew!
They are easy to cook and you can combine them with noodles, Rice, "Fried" Potatoes or Sesame, but even without them it's a complete dish.
Try them!
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Vasilopita/New Year's Cake 2020!

Vasilopita/New Year's Cake 2020!
Ritual & Symbols
Vasilopita {Greek:Βασιλόπιτα, Vasilópita (St.Basil-pie)} is a New Year's Day bread or cake in Greece and many other areas in Eastern & Wester Europe and the Balkans which contains a hidden coin or trinket which gives good luck to the receiver. It is associated with Saint Basil's day, January 1, in most of Greece, but in some regions, the traditions surrounding a cake with a hidden coin are attached to Epiphany or to Christmas.
On New Year's Day families cut the Vasilopita to bless the house and bring good luck for the new year. This is usually done at midnight on New Year's Eve. A coin is hidden in the bread by slipping it into the dough before baking.
At midnight the sign of the cross is etched with a knife across the cake. A piece of cake is sliced for each member of the family and any visitors present at the time, by order of age from eldest to youngest. Depending on local and family traditions, slices are cut for various symbolic people or groups.
They may include the Lord, St. Basil and other saints, the poor, the household, or the Kalikantzaroi.
In older times, the coin often was a valuable one, such as a gold sovereign. Nowadays there is often a prearranged gift, money, or otherwise, to be given to the coin recipient.
The traditions surrounding Vasilopita are very similar to Western European celebrations of the Twelfth Night & Epiphany: the King Cake (Gâteau des Rois) of France and Louisiana and the Tortell in Catalonia.

※※※※※Happy New Year 2020!※※※※※

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