Roast Smoked Gammon Joint

Festive dish, a little different from usual in Greek cuisine, but very, very tasty.
In British cuisine it is as common as turkey in USA. We can cook it boiled (to remove the excess salt), or roast it in the oven, usually with a sweet sauce of honey or jam on top and serve it sliced.
This time we did not use any sauce! Only a few vegetables.

Dried Fruit Dessert with Greek Yogurt

A dessert with dried fruit, honey, and Greek yogurt to welcome the festive days of Christmas or the New Year!
Easy to make, and we put it in the refrigerator to wait for us to savor it. It suits our festive table!
Dried fruit (fruit that a large part of their initial water content is removed) such as raisins, figs, dates, apricots, etc. is one of the bases of the Mediterranean diet for millennia.

They have a long tradition, which dates from the fourth millennium BC in Mesopotamia. They are prized for their sweet taste, nutritional value and long lifespan.
Even today, the consumption of dried fruits is widespread.

Happy New Year!

The recipe

Dried Fruit Dessert with Greek Yogurt

can be found in the book «Γλυκά»

Roast Pork

Roast Pork
Our own tradition is to NOT eat turkey these days. If we feel like eating stuffed poultry, I stuff a plump chicken and we were all happy!
In older times, a member of our family was making, among other things, duck salm, an excellent and delicious dish that I will cook some other time.
This year we will decoratate the festive table by the pig's leg that you see posing in the photo. Small and tender with crispy potatoes and topped with a sweet orange marmalade sauce.
It is a very easy recipe provided you have enough time to cook, with time to spare for all the rest. It is delicious and leaves happy palates and full bellies.

Ginger Cake

Christmas is coming closer everyday and traditional home except for "good putting" smell of cinnamon, cloves, fresh butter, fragrant syrups and sweets! The food will be made later.

Today breaking some traditions, instead of the usual Greek pastries, we will make a cake with a delicious peppery flavor, aroma of ginger and Caramel. Make it and I'm sure you'll like it!

work: 45′ time: 1h:30′ medium: 3/5

Smoked Salmon Roll

Smoked Salmon Roll
Today's dish is a delicious appetizer, that can make any occasion a festive day! It can be offered to our festive table and our guests will enjoy a very hearty, tasty and impressive roll shaped appetizer.

You can prepare it from the day before, without changing the taste! Quite the opposite! It gets tastier and the flavors mix and blend together! Salmon wears its "formal dress" and accompany our dishes with gourmet style!

Serve in slices, to highlight the inside and the colors of the filling. Garnish the serving platter with colorful peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Cheese Dumplings

Little golden balls of cheese with crispy shell and soft flavored cream cheese inside or cheese that you can make yourself. All these dipped in honey from thyme.
work: 40′ time: 1h:40′ easy:

Leeks au Gratin

Today, the menu is “leeks au gratin”. It is a delicious, filling dish but despite containing a lot of vegetables it has more than its share of calories (for those who want to have control over them). However, if you like it, as we do, I highly recommend it! Enjoy leeks in a different way, I believe to your enjoyment.
Served and eaten warm.
work: 45' time: 1h:30′ medium:

Chocolate Walnuts Pie

If you like walnuts, love chocolate and are prone to "sin" try this cake with half-closed eyes and relaxed mood!
It is pleasure with concentrated flavors of maple syrup, walnuts and of course genuine, buttery chocolate!
work: 00h:45' time: 03h:00' medium: 3/5

Perch Fillet

Perch fillets are delicious, soft flesh, fish without bones. That makes it easy for the very young or old. I make it always in the oven by covering it with vegetables or slices of tomato or pepper. They give a colorful touch and lovely flavor in a relatively neutral flavor fish.
work: 15′ time: 01h:00′ medium:

Tiramisú Truffles

Just little things, maximum pleasure!
Tiny, sweet morsels with our favorite Tiramisú flavor.
Build, treat, enjoy and sin without remorse, with a unique taste that contains all the flavor of our favorite dessert. A sweet and pleasantly bitterish taste from cocoa.

The recipe

Tiramisú Truffles

can be found in the book «Γλυκά».

work: 00h:30' time: 01h:30' medium: 3/5