Olives in Vinegar

Olives in Vinegar

The most delicious olives that we have ever tasted. The reason is very simple, it is the homemade olives we have built ourselves, with our hands, very easily.
With simple procedures starting from the selection of olives -best if we have our own- even after the scribe, we add the oil, vinegar, herbs and orange slices. Do not miss, giving them the ethereal aroma. In a few days they are ready to enjoy.
This is all, a little bit to domestic self-sufficiency!

work: 1h:00′ time: 10 ημέρες very easy:

Nutella Cupcakes

Nutella Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes inside and out. The hazelnut praline gives them a special flavor and the final coating, the chocolate ganache, accentuates the absolute sovereignty of chocolate.
Small cupcakes "in the hand" ready to be served and accompany your coffee, tea, fresh juice and milk, but also to decorate a more festive buffet.
work: 15′ time: 40′ easy:

Pork Shank in the Pressure Cooker

Pork Shank in the Pressure Cooker
The shank is a very tasty chunk of meat and is delicious when cooked with herbs and mustard.
In the pressure cooker, remains soft and juicy and most importantly it becomes very fast with less power consumption.
In finally the delicious sauce, with all the juices of the meat and spices, gives the shank and the accompanying rice, an extra tasty treat.
Try it!
work: 10′ time: 1h:00′ easy:

Brandy Snap Cigars

Brandy Snap Cigars
Caramel biscuits / cigars, flavored with ginger and brandy. Unique, crunchy and soft cookies together with intense aromas and candy that melts in our palate.
Simple ingredients and a special winding technique results in a transparent, lace biscuit for coffee, tea, milk but also with many other applications to decorate our desserts.
work: 45′ time: 1h:30′ easy:

Succulent Chocolate Cake

Succulent chocolate cake for delicious chocolate treats. Try it with half-closed eyes and leave the guilt for later.
The truth is that if you like chocolate cakes, this one here surely qualifies!
Similar recipes for boiled cake or pan cake there are many, other successful and others not. Unlike this one that from the first time that I made it with enthusiasm and is still is a favorite. Since then I make it often, for us or our friends as a gift. I recommend it.
This is our favorite cake!
work: 30′ time: 1h:00′ easy:

Ham & Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

Ham & Cheese Stuffed Potatoes
Tasty appetizer with potatoes stuffed with cheese and ham. The fresh onions gives them extra flavor and a touch of freshness. For a little time in the grill and the pink gruyere makes them more attractive and impressive.
Perfect accompanied by a green salad and together they form a complete, evening, light dish.
Eaten whole, even their skin!
work: 20′ time: 1:00′ easy:

Chocolate Torte Cake

Chocolate Torte Cake
A Chocolate Cake to ascribe a simple but delicious cake festive style, which is the solution for a quick and easy cake for any anniversary or celebration.
Simple materials, such as eggs, butter and flour well beaten, to have a stable cake, which will form the basis of our cake.
With the jam of your choice do sandwiches and with chocolate coat the cake is finished.
work: 45′ time: 1h:30′ medium:

Fried Cheese Pies

Fried Cheese Pies
Cheese pie, crunchy and delicious, fried in light oil for lighter flavor. The irregular, rounded shape and the whole preparation refers to their style, "rustic"!
Unique flavor, one that can provide us with a simple fried dough, stuffed with a delicious little feta cheese, our feta cheese.
A salty, cheesy "donut", which is eaten hot for genuine, hearty enjoyment!
work: 30′ time: 1h:45′ easy:

Custard Filled Pastry

Custard Filled Pastry

Favorite Custard Filled Pastry (Galaktoboureko)!
Crispy, golden brown sheet, syrup filled and velvety, fluffy semolina custard.
Phyllo, to wrap the pastry cream and the two together leaving an insurmountable combination of flavors in our palate.
Try this version, you'll like it!

work: 1h:00′ time: 2h:00′ medium: