Traditional Greek Orange Cake with Syrup

Traditional Greek Orange Cake with Syrup
Juicy, easy, fluffy and full of aromas Traditional Greek Orange Cake with Syrup, which is made with crust leaves, finely chopped & hidden inside and with strained yogurt. It is syruped with a thick orange syrup to make the flavors even more orange. The taste of orange floods the palate so pleasantly and so intensely, uniquely!
Of all the syrupy sweets of Greek Cuisine, this orange pie is by far our favorite. It's because oranges are our favorite fruit! It combines beautifully with a ball of our favorite ice cream and the flavors take off.

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Traditional Kalitsounia of Chania, Crete

Traditional Kalitsounia of Chania, Crete
In the traditional agricultural and urban Cuisine of Crete, the products that the rural populations, for centuries now, produce and consume on their own until communications changed, so that they can find them elsewhere inside or outside of Greece, played a leading role.
Some of these products had their place of honor on the big, important festive days of Christmas, Easter, August fifteenth… Then the housewives made the famous Kalitsounia in large quantities for family but also to friends, neighbors and visitors.
Today's Kalitsounia have their roots of Chania, whose inhabitants, due to the soil morphology of the place, had the main occupation of grazing sheep. As a result, dairy farming was a parallel profession, so that they could make use of the milk they had in the mountainous area of Psiloritis.
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