Yogurt Apple Cake

Yogurt Apple Cake
Mother was, is and will be special to the child, the teenager, the adult and today is nothing more than an opportunity to honor her and show her how much we love her.
Mother, mother, mom. Three words that enclose respect, beauty, tenderness, love and are always the most important presence in human life. An insurmountable bond that was praised more than any other, the mother was the source of inspiration for thousands of artists.
In the first verses of a poem dedicated to the mother we read:
  • «I was awakened at dawn by an aura, a breath,
  • on the cheek fluttered my mother's kiss
  • Her caress filled me with love and affection
  • and back I became a child again.
  • With a kiss and a wish and her smile,
  • As soon as I woke up I saw my sun on her face »…
work: 20′ time: 1h:00′ easy:

Coconut Rolls

Coconut Rolls
A recent study by the Royal Roads University of Canada on nutrition in times of crisis came to some conclusions:
«Food is a carrier of the transition from normalcy to different times in real time, at the same time. This leads to a revision of key values as well as processes of our busy economic and industrial society and its various branches, such as those related to food and entertainment. Above all, there is the aspect of survival, the realization that man is no longer dominant and, to talk about the purely practical part of food, there is a need to save resources, using all the materials at our disposal. Cooking is one of the things that connects us to natural living systems and food is something that connects us, on a deeper level, to the Earth itself».
So many people, being confined to their home, make their own food every day and pastry products have the dominant say with daily and better daily bread.
The recipe we suggest today is one of these tender doughs like brioche, is sweet, fluffy and soft buns, stuffed with dried coconut and bathed, while still hot, with sweetened condensed milk.

work: 45′ time: 4h:00′ medium: