Orange Cake

Fluffy cake with the scent of oranges. The intoxicating scent of citrus trees is characteristic of Mediterranean Countries and, of course, our country.
Try it and enjoy the juicy taste. If you are fond of orange I hope this will excite you!

work: 30′ time: 01h:20′ easy: 2/5

The recipe for the «Orange Cake» can be found in the book «Γλυκά».

Lamb Shanks in the Oven with Potatoes

Lamb Shanks in the oven with potatoes and plenty of garlic, cheese and thyme. Many tasty ingredients for a tasty outcome that meets the most demanding taste.
Classic food for festive days of the greek house. One of the favorite foods for most of us.
Try it.
work: 00h:30′ time: 03h:00′ medium: 3/5

Feta Phyllo Triangles

Mini crisp, triangular cheese pies, very tasty, wrapped in a thin crust.
A few minutes in the oven, to get a golden appetizer!
One Finger Food, served easily and excellent for our meetings or our family table. They get eaten realy fast, so make sure you make enough.
The mini pies can be prepared ahead in time and put in the oven when you need them.
work: 20′ time: 40′ easy: 2/5

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate - and everything that contains it - is loved by most. If you are one of them try this cake.
Very easy, without eggs with butter, fluffy and delicious. The sauce is flowing through the cake and makes it juicy.
The ingredients of the sauce are placed on top of the ingredients for the base but during baking the sauce gets at the bottom of the cake.
work: 00h:10′ time: 00h:50′ very easy: 1/5

Pork Meat with Pasta (Greek Giouvetsi)

Pork Meat with Pasta (Greek Giouvetsi)
Rosted pork in the oven with pasta. With only a few ingredients but with a lot of flavor!
As lovers of traditional flavors we added lots of dry cheese/ myzithra, as was also the hand made, tender and tasty pasta!
The truth is that regardless of our ability in the kitchen, the raw ingredients of good quality will give us good tasty results.
A favorite sunday food for many families.
work: 20′ time: 2h:20′ easy:

Anchovy Dip

Canapés for our leisure!
Pine nuts, parsley, capers and a few green olives!
Make a quick spicy anchovy spread, take your favorite drink (a good white wine is perfect for this) and just enjoy!
work: 00h:20′ time: 00h:20′ very easy: 1/5

Grape Must Pudding-Moustalevria

Grape Must Pudding-Moustalevria
Velvety, fragrant taste of a traditional fresh Greek cuisine dessert.Moustalevria.
Grape syrup, a little corn flour, roasted sesame seeds, walnuts, and fragrant unique fennel seeds!
For those who already know it, I would recommend that you try this version of the moustalevria. If some people have never tasted moustalevria this an opportunity to enjoy!

The recipe

Grape Must Pudding-Moustalevria

can be found in the book «Μεζέδες».

work: 00h:30′ time: 00h:45′ easy: 2/5

Oven Baked Fish with Tomato

Fish baked in the oven with plenty of onion, garlic and tomatoes.
A delicious, hearty and juicy fillet of cod, boned for easier consumption.
Try it.
work: 00h:30′ time: 02h:00′ medium: 3/5

Gardener's Pie (vegetables)

This, is a pie with lots of different, fresh vegetables such as eggplant, carrot, zucchini, pepper. You can add a little Trahana, or some pasta, just enough to absorb the juices of vegetables, that are produced during cooking.
Adding trahana gives an excellent aroma and special taste that elevates the whole dining vegetable companionship!
work: 00h:30′ time: 01h:30′ medium: 3/5

Semolina Cake (Samali)

With the aroma of Chios Mastiha!
Traditional dessert of Greek Cuisine, with roots from Constantinople, and basic ingredients the yoghurt and semolina. You make it without mixer, just mix the ingredients with a spoon.
It used to be one of the desserts that were sold by street vendors outside schools, in summer cinema or at various festivals.
Easy, delicious and simple, without the burden of too much fat.
Try it!

work: 00h:20′ time: 01h:50′ very easy: 1/5

Moussaka Vol Au Vent

Moussaka Vol Au Vent
This recipe, the Greek-and not only- moussaka is united with the French Vol-au-Vent and they give us a tasty matching pair.
The flavor of the well known and loved moussaka, enclosed in crisp fluffy pastry.
This dish requires more work than a simple moussaka but I think it is perfect for a formal buffet or meal.
work: 2h:30′ time: 3h:30′ difficult:

Pistachio Cheese Balls

Pistachio Cheese Balls
One bite appetizer, round cheese ball, sprinkled with pistachios, filled with a berry or grape.
A spicy treat with Roquefort or blue cheese, which replaces the usual form of the traditional appetizer platter of cheese with wine.
It is easy. If you like spicy flavors, you will like this too.
work: 30′ time: 2h:30′ very easy:

Fresh Fruit Crumb Pie

Pie, made with delicious nectarines and vanilla in a tasty biscuit base with light coating of crumby dough. The cream filling with an almond mixture intensifies the flavor and makes it juicy, soft and special.
The combination of all these, although quite time consuming, as we have to prepare three different things, compensates us with a hearty, fragrant, fruity pie.
The dough base, is a very easy and manageable dough that can also be used in savory combinations, without the sugar of course. I recommend it and is worth a try.
work: 01h:00′ time: 01h:40′ difficult: 4/5