Apple Pie Ricotta Cheese

Apple pie, a little different than usual, because its main ingredient is cheese. A delicious, healthy and low fat cheese, ricotta cheese.
The sweet and highly aromatic flavor of apples, combined with raisins, is in harmony with the slightly salty and "buttery" texture of the cheese.
An uncovered apple pie, which is relatively quick to make, easy, and with ingredients that are almost always in our kitchen. Feel free to combine these flavors. The result will be a hearty dessert that will surely reward you.
Try it!
work: 0h:30'time: 1h:30'easy: 4/10

Homemade Bread

Enjoying a hot fresh bread, made at home, is a very pleasant for all of us who cook for our families, our friends, and of course, for ourselves.
Make it and dare to combine wonderful flavors: Spices, herbs, dried fruits and whatever else we like. The result will be a fluffy delicious homemade bread, with all our love!
work: 1h:00'time: 3h:00'medium: 3/5

Cranberry Jam

Red, spicy, sweet and mischievous! Who can resist a jam very distinctive and delicious! The harmonious combination of orange with cranberries gives a treat with amazing taste. Citrus fruits offer a fair amount of pectin and makes a velvety texture with the hues of fire!
It is easy and fast to make.
work: 30'time: 1h:00'easy: 2/5

Greek Bean Soup

Greek Bean Soup
Delicious beans with onion, celery, carrots and olive oil. All tied together, compose and take off with a delicious result, a dried bean soup!
The ingredients are simple and we can find them easily. May be the olive oil is in some places hard to find, but the rest are common everywhere, I hope.
εργασία: 30′ χρόνος: 2h:00′ μεσαίο:

Valentine's Torte

A heart-shaped cake, filled with rich whipped cream, cream cheese and sour red beautiful cherries!
If you're in love and want to celebrate a special, loving, romantic moment with your beloved, this is the perfect dessert to accompany!
work: 1h:30'time: 1h:30'difficult: 8/10

Black-Eyed Beans's Salad

Salad with black-eyed beans and herbs. The addition of smoked salmon makes it even more delicious and gives it its characteristic flavor. Try a salad, that can easily replace the main dish on the table and is second to none in flavor, vitamins and fiber! It can accompany almost any dish you like. I prefer it plain, enjoying all the flavor it gives.
work: 0:30'time: 1h:00'easy: 2/10

Chicken Salad

A nice salad with boiled chicken or any other leftover meat we have in the fridge! We can also use roasted chicken or turkey breast/legs!
Serve in the festive table, winning favorable comments about the outcome.
I sure recommend it!
work: 1h:30'time: 1h:30'medium: 5/10

Savarin à l' Οrange

Savaren with Orange is a quick version of the classic Savaren with rum. Light, delicious cake, soaked in a syrup flavored with the taste and aroma of orange.
This season we can find very tasty and juicy oranges and this is the perfect time to enjoy it!
Savaren is a kind of baba au rhum. His name was in honor of the famous French writer and gastronomy Brillat-Savarin. Served usually soaked in syrup in which we add rum or other alcohol and whipped cream.
work: 0:20'time: 0h:40'medium: 5/10

Beef Burgers in the Oven

Tasty and easy, one of the favorite dishes for the whole family. Soft, fluffy meatballs, most of us know how to make and enjoy at home, oven baked or grilled for those who have this option. Grilling certainly is more delicious!
Enjoy with potatos, rice or vegetables for a more balanced dietary selection.
work: 45' time: 2h:15' easy:

Oven Omelette

Eggs! Baked and covered with our favorite cheese, quick easy and delicious dish for the experienced and novice cook alike.
The combination of the intense flavors of the eggs and cheese will fascinate your guests!
work: 00:10'time: 00:30'very easy: 2/10