Olives in Vinegar

Olives in Vinegar

The most delicious olives that we have ever tasted. The reason is very simple, it is the homemade olives we have built ourselves, with our hands, very easily.
With simple procedures starting from the selection of olives -best if we have our own- even after the scribe, we add the oil, vinegar, herbs and orange slices. Do not miss, giving them the ethereal aroma. In a few days they are ready to enjoy.
This is all, a little bit to domestic self-sufficiency!

work: 1h:00′ time: 10 ημέρες very easy:
Olives in Vinegar

Ingredients (2kg olives)

  • black olives, ripe
  • 400ml (13.5 floz) white vinegar
  • 400ml (13.5 floz) red vinegar
  • 50ml (1.7 floz) balsamic, optional
  • 250g (8.8 oz) salt
  • 300ml (10.1 floz) olive oil
  • thyme, bay leaf, oregano, rosmemary
  • 1 bitter orange (or lemon, or orange)
Wash the olives and pick those that are strong. Wear disposable gloves and with a cutter or a knife scribe, making them a notch. If it is too large, two scratches. No more, because they get too much soft.
Place them in a large bowl and fill with water until covered. Pour a tablespoon of salt, cover with the plastic bag and leave them outside on the terrace. Change water daily adding a little salt every time, protects against bacteria. This will be done for 10-12 days until the bitterness gets out.
After 10 days test how bitter they are. Better to keep a little of the bitterness.
With the constant water changes, will have slightly discolored.
Drain them for the last time and put them in a large pot 2.5 lt (5.3 Pt).
Add the vinegar, oil, salt, herbs of your choice and the bitter orange cut into slices. Dilute with water to completely fill.
Close the container tightly and shake a couple of times. Keep them for 2-3 days in the cabinet and they are ready for consumption.
We can put them in smaller jars and store them.
Olives in Vinegar

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