Vine Leaves Maintenance

Vine Leaves Maintenance
There are several ways to maintain vine leaves in order to have them for the whole year, without the cooling devices of our time. The drying, the bottles, the brine, the jars. Since ancient times yet, since they stored them in small clay pots, covered with olive oil since they did not have refrigerators, until our days with freezing.
The best time of harvesting the leaves is the months of May and June. The vine is preferably sultanas, which has the most tender and delicious leaves, and of course not sprayed.
Today's maintenace is called dry maintenance and is simple and quite easy. Prerequisite: the leaves are completely dry, otherwise you risk to make black spots from moisture and spoil.
work: 30′ time: 30′ very easy:


Ingredients (70-80 vine leaves)

After you collect them (afternoon time) or buy them, cut deeply the stalk and spread on a flat surface in pans or on tablecloth for a few hours. At intervals we turn on the other side to make sure that no trace of moisture.
Following do stacks of 10, according to size, and collect them in a edge.
Take a bunch of ten, fold in the bottom edge, the one that is opposite the stalk.
From the side wrap inward and begin to roll tightly and carefully.
Place them onto a tray, one roller aside the other, stabilizing with a weight on their side to avoid unfolding.
When you do 6-7 rolls, grasp them with your hands and put them in a jar with a wide mouth, vertically. Press lightly to touch the base of the jar.
Finally put above them another 10 leaves, not rolled but folded. They cover them.
Then cover the jars with lids and close tightly. Store them in a cool, dark shelf.
After a few days they will change color and become golden.
When you need to use them, heat them for few seconds in hot water and ready.
Vine Leaves Maintenance
70-80 leaves is a good amount for a food and a jar of capacity 750ml (1.58 Pints) suitable.
In the same way you can make as many jars you want.

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