Homemade Mandarin Liqueur-DIY

Homemade Mandarin Liqueur-DIY
Fine fragrances, delicate flavors, yellow color and very easy to prepare in the house, without effort or particular difficulties. Allow time to work -it needs time to get ripe- to become a digestible aromatic liqueur with extracts of mandarin and clove.
Ripe fresh tangerines -winter is their season- organic farming with vibrant, juicy flesh, which will give the liqueur the necessary ingredients to make delicious tasty with subtle notes of alcohol.
Serve as an aperitif before a meal or as a digestif after a sumptuous meal!
work: 15′ time: 1 μήνας very easy:

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Mandarin Liqueur-DIY Homemade Mandarin Liqueur

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Ingredients (~1.5 liter of liquor)

  • 1 liter vodka or raki or ouzo or souma of Rhodes, Paros etc
  • 5-6 clementines/mandarins vigorous, juicy, organic
  • 25-30 toothpicks
  • 20 cloves/ pins
Wash the tangerines, slit through and through 5-6 toothpicks, leaving the protruding bit. 3-4 cloves nailed in every mandarin.
Put tangerines in a glass jar with a wide mouth…
… and pour into 1 liter of alcohol. Cover the jar and put in a dark place, in a closet, for 1 month. Periodically you shake it.


  • 400g sugar
  • 200g water
In a pot put the water and sugar to boil for 5 minutes from the moment of boiling. Mix the beginning to melt the sugar. Withdraw the saucepan from the heat and allow the syrup to cool.
Remove mandarins from the jar, remove the toothpicks and cloves, cut them in half and squeeze to get as juice with alcohol they have. In a large bowl mix the syrup with the alcohol mixture and the juice of mandarins. Mix and pass it through muslin. Fill bottles. Let the liqueur stay a few more days to be mixed and mature flavors and aromas. Taste.
Homemade Mandarin Liqueur-DIY Mandarin Liqueur-DIY Homemade Mandarin Liqueur Homemade Mandarin Liqueur-DIY Mandarin Liqueur-DIY Homemade Mandarin Liqueur

Author Zambia G. Sifaki