Chinese Almond Cookies

Chinese Almond Cookies
These cookies are the traditional and easiest dessert to celebrate Chinese New Year, the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It does not have a fixed date, in 2022 it was February 1 and the celebrations lasted 15 days.
As familiar as its ingredients are to us, it is nevertheless one of the most popular Chinese Pastries. They are made in every home and everyone contributes with them to the Chinese New Year Table. They are very easy to make and complete in less than 30 minutes. It is even said that they bring good luck in the New Year!
Super simple and clean materials that you probably already have in your closet. They are crunchy and buttery with a small amount of almond or vanilla extract and definitely a favorite in the crowd, young and old. In ours I replaced the sugar with Stevia, you choose what you like.

Good & Lucky Chinese New Year in the Year of the Tiger!

work: 15′ time: 30′ very easy:

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Chinese Almond Cookies
Chinese Almond Cookies

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Υλικά (∼30 almond cookies)

  • 180g almond ground
  • 40g fine semolina or flour
  • 40g stevia or 100g sugar
  • 120g softened butter
  • 1 egg
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp almond extract or vanilla extract
  • a little melted butter for spreading
  • almonds peeled or not
Put the softened butter, stevia or sugar, baking soda and semolina or flour in a medium bowl. Mix well with a spoon and add the beaten egg. Stir.
In the bowl add the almond ground in 2 portions and the vanilla almond extract or almond extract, whatever we choose to use. Mix very well to get…
… a homogenized tight mixture. Gently wetting our fingertips we take a small amount of mixture, as small as a walnut, we make a ball, with our hands, and we flatten it slightly.
Place it in the large shallow pan oven or in a silicone mold in a row. In the center we place an almond. With a brush, spread a little melted butter on their surface.
Bake in the oven with fan assisted oven, at 175℃ 347℉ (Gas Mark:3.9) for 13′-15′. Just brown lightly around the perimeter and below. We do not misunderstand them. Let cool and enjoy.
Chinese Almond Cookies
Chinese Almond Cookies

Author Zambia G. Sifaki

Chinese Almond Cookies
Chinese Almond Cookies