Almond Cookies

Tasty, crunchy biscuits with flavors of almond and sesame. Lightly roasted to bring out the delicious flavours. Baked with a little oil and butter.
Without preservatives and additives without much sugar and with natural ingredients of our choice.
Perfect to complement coffee or tea, but can be consumed plain as an easy light snack. Try them and the result will justify your effort!
work: 1h:30' time: 2h:00' difficult: 4/5

Ingredients (30-40 pieces)

  • 125 gr/ 4.5 oz raw almonds
  • 125 gr/ 4.5 oz sesame
  • 125 gr/ 4.5 oz butter (room temperature)
  • 70 gr/ 2.5 oz icing sugar
  • 1 shot olive oil
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 160 gr/6 oz flour
In nonstick frying pan add the sesame seeds and roast lightly at low temperature. Stir frequently and do not leave unattended because they will burn easily.
Roast the almonds in the oven grill carefully, stirring often.
Let them cool and then put them in a blender to pulverize.
You can do it with a mortar, adding small amounts at a time.
We have taken the butter out of the refrigerator for at least 2h to reach room temperature.
In a large bowl, use the mixer to beat the butter with the icing sugar well.
Pour the oil little by little, beating continuously, until the mixture is fluffy, 2-3 min.
In the end we will have a soft cream, white as whipped cream.
Add the roasted ground almonds and the sesame seeds to the butter and stir well.
We gently knead and add the flour little by little.
If there is difficulty to shape and mold the dough into a single mass, you may need to add a few tablespoons of milk until you have a solid mass.
It may take a little more flour.
On lightly floured surface, roll a sheet with a thickness of 4-5 mm, with a little dough at a time. Cut with the dough cutter any shape we like, but not too big. Transfer to baking sheet, lined with parchment paper, using a wide blade knife.
Bake at 180°C/ 350°F/ 4 Gas Mark, until golden, 10-15 min.


  1. These look beautiful and golden! I love the heart shape.

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    Lovely photos!

  3. This is a must do for sure!!!
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  7. This cookies looks DELICIOUS and so beautiful.
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  8. Hello, today I made your cookies and put on my blog, everyone liked, although he made some adjustments made were a success...

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