No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread
Bread=water+flour and 12 hours «sleep» is enough to have one of the most delicious, with a crispy crust, impressive and great breads, you've ever tried and it will be made by you with minimal effort, no secret, but anxious for the result. All that is necessary in that case, is be patient and leave it alone. Let's take the time to do the work of fermentation.
A recipe for those who have gotten out of fear kneading bread. In this simple way you get a perfect loaf for your everyday, but also for your formal table.

work: 10′ time: 14h:00′ easy:

No Knead Bread No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread

Bread is a staple of our diet, made from a dough made with flour and water. Throughout recorded history there has always been popular in almost all over the world -except the East that had / has the rice- and is one of the oldest foods of mankind, since it was important since the dawn of agriculture.
There are many combinations and proportions of flour types and other components, as well as different traditional bread recipes and preparation methods. Therefore, there is a great variety of species, shapes, sizes and textures of bread in various parts of the world.
The bread can be expanded in many different processes ranging from the use of naturally occurring fungi (for example in recipes with yeast), or using high pressure methods and artificial ventilation during manufacturing or cooking.
Many ingredients can be used for the preparation of some of which are not even cereals. As fruits, seeds and nuts or fats. The commercial bread in particular, usually containing additives, some without nutrition, just to improve the taste, texture, color, or duration of the shelf.

When in December 2006 Mark Bittman of the New York Times published first recipe through this video, many people burst into cheers, excited about the convenience of having a delicious, with rustic texture, crunchy and healthy (as enabled by the ready flours we buy) bread made exclusively from the your hands. Since then the community of food blogging revealed this bread to new heights.
The video has recorded 2,134,889 views around the world only from the platform of youtube and has made many happy mortals and who make this excellent bread so easily and not kneading and kneading again for hours, harrying yours delicate hands!
We'd been fascinated older household cooks, who were forced to knead and maybe a couple times a week to have the much needed bread of their families

Ingredients (1 large loaf)

  • 300g (10.6 oz) all purpose flour
  • 100g (3.5 oz) white wheat flour
  • ½ tsp dry active yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 300g (10.6 oz) water
  • 40g (1.4 oz) olive oil (for coating)
  • extra flour for shaping
From the previous evening put in a medium bowl the flour, yeast and salt. Mix. Pour the water and with a spatula or wooden spoon, mix for 1' to mix the ingredients.
With the olive oil, oil the inside of a larger bowl and pour in there the mixture. It will be quite watery. You roll it in the bowl to oil everywhere.
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the oven without heat (make sure that no one else in the house will start it) to stay for 12 hours to rise, until the next morning.
The next morning we click with our fists the dough to deflate. Flour well a clean kitchen towel and pour onto the dough. Fold, turning the edges onto the dough, 3-4 times as closing the envelope around on all sides. Make a ball and on top sprinkle plenty of flour.
Turn the towel over the dough to cover it. Leave it to rise again for 1-1.30' hour more.
Thirty minutes before baking preheat the oven 200°C (392°F, Gas:5.7) means having a cast-iron skillet = Le Creuset cast iron or pyrex or hull or any ovenproof dish with a lid, inside which will bake, to burn.
When you pass the time, add the puffed dough onto wax paper…
… and paper, together with the dough, into the warmed pot. With scissors cut paper as excess around the edge of the hull. Cover with lid. Bake for 30'.
At 30' remove carefully the cast-iron pan from the oven, take the lid and put it back for 15'-20' more without the lid this time.
Allow the bread to crisp, golden brown very well from above but also from below.
When done remove the pot from the oven and place it uncovered on a wire rack for 10 minutes to cool.
Holding with your hands of two edges the greaseproof paper remove the loaf from the kettle and let it up on the rack to be as lukewarm you want. After that you try it out!
No Knead Bread No Knead Bread No Knead Bread The first test was a dipping of a bite of fresh bread into cream mixture balsamic and raw, fresh olive oil. Almost ate half loaf with this… technique. Incredible taste!

You can use whatever flour you like, for all purposes, rye, barley, whole, wheat, zea, wholegrain, yellow baked etc. and with various seeds or nuts. But I would suggest to first try a good flour, hard, rich in gluten. Later do your tests.
It is very impressive the particular way of preparing this bread as impressive is the taste and how the crust is crunchy and fluffy and mature is its crumb.
Whatever you do not eat, wrap in aluminum foil and put it in the maintenance of a refrigerator. Each time you can cut 2-3 slices reheat them in the microwave and it is like fresh.
Perfectly maintained for days without losing moisture nor taste.

Author Zambia G. Sifaki