Coconut Truffles

Coconut Truffles
Truffles are always a favorite sweets of a bite, made without baking most of the time. It is economical and very easy, unlike the deliciousness and pleasure it offers us. Either as a gift or as a treat remains high in our preferences and kept in the refrigerator for whatever time we look for it to surprise us.
Our current proposal for Truffles coconut is gluten free and is a variation of previously published & already known recipe Coconut Truffles-Raffaello, that many of you have made and loved. Differentiation lies in the absence of almond (not excluding it if you prefer it) and the color added to make it more scandalous.
Easy and festive wear their pink dress and decided to make the first appearance at the premiere of Christmas dishes for this year.

Happy Holidays,
Merry Christmas!
work: 30′ time: 1h:30′ very easy:

Coconut Truffles Coconut Truffles

Ingredients (30 truffles)

  • 100g (3.5oz) butter
  • 220g (7.8oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • 250g (8.8oz) dried coconut
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • red confectionary color
  • paper small cases
  • ~50g (1.8oz) more coconut for coating
Melt -without burning- butter for lighter taste in a kitchen utensil or microwave. Add by stirring the sugary milk with a spoon. Pour the coconut and stir well.
Add the vanilla extract & a few drops of red confectionary color until we bring it in the shade we like.
Knead by hand, wearing a disposable glove until the mixture is uniformly colored. Put it in the refrigerator for 30' to thicken.
Pour in a bowl the white, grated & dried coconut. Form, shaping small balls and dipping them in white coconut to cover.
Place them in a row on a flat tray and put them back in the refrigerator for 30' to tighten. Put them in the small cases / papers and present them.
Coconut Truffles Coconut Truffles Coconut Truffles Muffins Μπανάνας Διπλά Σοκολατένια Coconut Truffles
Coconut truffles, despite their sweetened milk content, is not very sweet. Try and fill in any sweetener you like.

Zambia Sifaki