Mini Smoked Salmon Pies

The smoked salmon, because of its high price, is considered a delicacy luxury. Apart from the overwhelming value and special flavor, that some of us like very much, contains inter alia omega-3 fatty acids. It is therefore a valuable food with significant nutritional value.
The salmon patties made ​​with basic ingredient, naturally, the smoked salmon, cream cheese, red sweet pepper, chives and fenugreek. All gently wrapped in fluffy puff pastry and sprinkled with sesame seeds and nigella sativa seeds.
Your Own!
work: 20′ time: 40′ easy:


Fenugreek Τριγωνέλλα in Greek, Methi in India , where it grows and is heavily used, grows well in many countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, France, Morocco, Argentina etc. are among the most popular herbs used today ... we stayed with the name! Rich in vitamins and proteins for optimal health and is also an excellent ingredient in cooking.
The dried seeds of fenugreek (left in photo) are triangular / pyramidal in form and is one of the key ingredients with which they make housing pastrami. Fenugreek, oil, pepper, paprika, garlic mixed well is what gives the pastrami its characteristic flavor. Main feature is the preservation of meat and protects the consumer from potential poisoning.
Seasoning salads, Indian, Ethiopian and Egyptian dishes , and participates in various spice blends, especially in curries. It is also used in the preparation of pickles, while in Greek cuisine used in stews, burgers, salads, pies. Add powder to various meats, chicken, vegetables and the meatballs . Try adding a little grated fenugreek on baked potatoes. You will be surprised !

Ingredients (20 pies)

  • 2 puff pastry sheets or 20 round puff pastry
  • 100 gr (3.5 oz) smoked salmno
  • 200 gr (7.1 oz) Philadelphia cheese
  • ½ sweet red pepper
  • few leaves chives or green onion
  • few leaves fenugreek
  • Paprika
  • 1 egg
  • sesame, black and white
In medium size bowl add cheese and chopped herbs.
With a kitchen scissors cut the salmon into small pieces and add to the filling.
Sprinkle with paprika and stir to combine. Allow the bowl aside for a while.
Roll out the pastry onto the workbench and cut with a cupe pate, round disks of diameter 10 cm (3.9 in). Put half a tablespoon of the filling.
In a small bowl, beat the egg and with a brush pass the edges of the disc around and turn the other half to cover and close the filling. Push cyclically with a fork.
Place them thinly on 2 oven trays lined with greaseproof paper. Coat and from the top with egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Bake in preheated oven at 180°C (356°F, Gas 4.2) for 20'-25'.
If you have leftover stuffing do not throw it away. Brush her up on bread, toast or crackers and enjoy. It is very tasty!

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