Ham & Cheese Pie

Ham & Cheese Pie
Ham & Cheese Pie with «exuberant» filling with many different cheeses, smoked ham to explain, define and identify the title with its presence & crispy golden crust phyllo pastry sheets… hot, as it emerges from the oven, sliced, served and then the cheese mashed together in a unique dining synthesis flow like hot lava, to stand in the cold surface of the platter …

work: 45′ time: 2h:00′ easy:

Ham & Cheese Pie

Ingredients (∼20 pieces)

  • 250g (8.8 oz) gouda cheese
  • 250g (8.8 oz) gruyère cheese
  • 250g (8.8 oz) edam cheese
  • 250g (8.8 oz) cheddar cheese
  • 250g (8.8 oz) feta cheese
  • 250g (8.8 oz) sliced ham
  • 500g (1.1 lbs) phyllo pastry sheets
  • 1 lt (2.11 Pt) fresh milk
  • 5 eggs large or 6 small
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 100g (3.5 oz) melted butter
In coarse grater grate the hard cheeses. Crush the feta with a fork and slice the ham into small frames.
Collect them all in a large bowl.
Open the package of sheets and take three of them. With a scissor cut them one by one in small pieces over the bowl with the cheeses.
Stir to mix the dry ingredients.
Melt the butter and brush with it a large, deep, ovenproof dish measuring 30x40 cm (1ft x 1.3ft).
Brush one of the 5 leaves and lay them at the base of the pan so that it is raised on the sides of the pan.
Spread around the pan the mixture of cheeses. Pushing with a spoon to spread well and fill the edges.
Turn, all the sheets that protrude over the filling, buttering them.
From the top cover the mixture of the cheese with the remaining 5 sheets always buttered. Fold edges inwards to get the shape of the pan.
Chart, with sharp knife with no teeth, the surface of the sheets with three cuts along and pressing slightly downwards.
In the same bowl, we had the cheeses, beat briefly with a hand mixer, the eggs to get frothy.
Add the milk and baking powder and stir gently to mix.
Drizzle the cake with the mixture of milk/eggs. Allow the vessel as it is for 15'-20' to absorb the larger amount of milk.
In the meantime preheat the oven to 180°C (356°F, Gas 4.2). Put the pan in the last position of the oven and bake in resistors for about 1 hour or until risen and the ham pie gets golden brown.
Ham & Cheese Pie
It goes without saying that we can make our own choice-composition of favorite cheeses.
Ham & Cheese Pie Ham & Cheese Pie

Author Zambia G. Sifaki