Travel to London

Travel to London
In the recent trip to the most beloved of all our destinations, London, we had beautiful time, we pass always beautiful…
We walked, had fun, wandered, enjoyed, tasted flavors favorite but also unfamiliar flavors in ethnic Kitchens.

It was very nice weather so the interest of our search focused on the outdoors in sheltered or outdoor markets, with rare sometimes food & dishes in the streets and squares photographing and admiring gorgeous old but also super modern buildings, churches and sculptures, the riparian Thames with its beautiful bridges and small tributaries and of course the unique beauty of palaces, castles and towers.

Green parks fully equipped for rest, relaxation, training or sports, with lakes for fishing, that the crossing wooden bridges, with lush vegetation, that you put bet that this can not be in the heart of London. Or in the botanical gardens of unique beauty and enormous scientific work, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, was founded in 1840 and which host the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collection in the world. In Kew Gardens has created the Millennium Seed Bank. Today, there are stored samples from 10% of all the world's plants, and by 2020 experts aspire to gather samples from 25% to save the world from an upcoming ecological disaster.

Everywhere we find spaces, small shops to buy stylish items, have lunch, drink our coffee and to rest from the long hike. Wherever we went people were long. Young, old enjoyed their ride.

We certainly visited and known, and our favorite museums and art galleries and photography but also places unknown to us until now. We made ourselves at the busiest commercial streets with incredible rush! Those who follow and Facebook would certainly have seen the pictures I send all of them. Here today I will simply show you some of the culinary delights of our trip and a small, very small sample of our wanderings!
And do not forget the London of 9 million inhabitants is a museum city, enjoy it through my own look through my camera lens!

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Travel to London
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