Rice Meatball in the Oven

Rice meatballs with the known, traditional flavor but with a different way of cooking the classic recipe, that most know, and which gives them another texture and another flavor.
Minced meat, rice, aromatic herbs and lemon juice are the ingredients for delicious, baked, meatballs. The addition of lemon zest to the flour, with which we flour them is the magic material that will give them a special flavor and elevate their taste.
Proposal: do not skip, is more than a soup with meatballs, believe me!
work: 30′ time: 1h:20′ medium:

Portokalopita - Greek Orange Filo Cake

Orange cake with baked pastry and yoghurt. Juicy and fluffy, with a strong flavor of orange and syrupy as much as required to keep it juicy without cloying us. The crunching sheets are sprinkled and flavoured with cinnamon and sugar. The candied orange slices tantalise your enjoyment and further intensify the orange flavor.
work: 30′ time: 1h:45′ easy:

Baked Sea Bream in Foil

One of the easiest and most effective way to cook fish is to wrap them in aluminum foil. All the flavors are left in the wrapper and permeate the flesh of the fish during cooking. We use simple ingredients and very fresh fish for best results.
The recipe requires very few ingredients, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the flavors. The bream is delicious fish big enough with a lot of flesh, whatever you need for the oven. Stuffed with parsley, garlic and olives. The tomatoes give color and additional flavor.
A Low Carb dish, suitable for those who prefer a diet without carbohydrates.
Try them!
work: 20′ time: 1h:00′ very easy:

Apple Tart with Vanilla Caramels

Apple Tart with Vanilla Caramels
Caramel loves apples and vice versa. In this tart combine perfectly to give us a result both tasty and easy.
A puff pastry sheet, a few apples and a bag of Vanilla Caramels, enough to build and enjoy a special apple tart. The bisquit coating, with the presence of walnut boosts enjoyment.
work: 20′ time: 1h:00′ very easy:

Giant Beans with Celery

Dessert food. Delicious, hearty, economical and favorite for too many. Along with feta cheese and olives, warm loaf of bread and a glass of wine is a unique, tasty treat.
The combination of celery with giant beans is tasty and proper nutrition. The traditional cooking in a Dutch oven (Gastra in Greek) in the oven increases the flavor.
Those who have not seen this dish with a positive look, it is time to reconsider.
work: 1h:30′ time: 13h:30′ easy:

Danesi Dolci

Danish pastries with puff pastry and fluffy, velvety pastry cream with an intense aroma of vanilla. The culmination of their taste is a fragrant apricot jam, which is added after the baking.
Gently, tasty cakes puff pastry for sunday breakfast. Build and fill small sweet bites on your table.
work: 20′ time: 40′ easy:

Lemon Chicken in the Pot

In lemon, classic, easy and delicious. And other adjectives could describe this dish as the taste, although simple is not indiffrent. Enjoy it combined with a juicy, honeyed risotto flavored with the juices of the chicken itself.
work: 30′ time: 1h:00′ medium:

Plum Loaf

Plum Loaf
Dried plums with sweet dark flesh and walnuts give to this cake a very special flavor. Tight, mellow, moist texture without crushing when we cut it. It keeps fresh the next day.
Enjoy a juicy slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream. So from healthy snack turns into candy stature.
work: 10′ time: 1h:10′ easy: